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Discovering your Greece

Choosing Greece as the destination of their wedding, some of our brides and grooms already have a very good idea about where they’d like to get married. For some, it’s where their parents and grandparents lived. For others, it’s where they’ve taken some of the most beautiful holidays of their lives.


For others – and maybe for you – they don’t have a strong attachment to a particular place. So what we can do is talk to you to find out what you love and then we arrange for you to fly out to Greece to meet us.


We can take you to all our favorite, special places – places we think you’ll love, and that only we Greeks know about. We’ll show you the locations and venues we think you’ll fall in love with – whether they’re by the sea, in the mountains, on the islands or in the city. And we’ll introduce you to the most dedicated and passionate vineyard owners, ski resort managers, hoteliers, florists and other specialists you will ever meet.​

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