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Your amazing Greek wedding!

Having your wedding in Greece, maybe never slipped your mind. But think again… is there a better place to have an unforgettable wedding?

Greece is easily and directly accessible from most parts of the globe, either by plane, by ferry or by road, and gives you the opportunity to combine holidays, honeymoon and wedding at the same time.It has such an intense nightlife, cultural heritage, historical wealth, and a plurality of historical monuments, that you, your friends, and family, will enjoy not only an epic wedding but also an epic vacation!

Greece’s climate is undoubtedly an important motive for organizing your wedding here, at any season of the year. Most days of the year it is neither very hot nor very cold, and you will enjoy an extraordinarily glowing sun! The climatic conditions allow every visitor to enjoy every season throughout the country but also be enchanted by the rich flora that the place provides.

Greece stands out for its natural diversity. Endless coasts, clean and beautiful seas with incredible coloring of the waters that magnetize the sight and countless islands, it combines mountain and sea, green and blue in almost every part. It's like having a miniature of the world, which includes everything! From countless amazing islands and award-winning beaches, to snow-capped mountains and beautiful forests. It is certain that here you will find the unique scenery you dream about for your wedding!

Greece is also famous for its amazing food. Greek cuisine is superior in taste and it is healthy because it combines excellent quality fresh raw materials- meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits – with unique culinary skills, and is authentic and exceptional in the simplest tavernas to Michelin star restaurants.

But most of all, it is the feeling of hospitality that characterizes the Greeks and makes every wedding in Greece unique. Even if you choose to have your wedding in the smallest and most secluded village, the locals will embrace the whole process in every way, and they will make you feel that you are one of them.

At Olive Hearts, we can offer you whatever you need to experience your perfect destination wedding in Greece, so drop us a line today!

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