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Bonbonnieres and Koufeta.

The symbolism of the Greek wedding favors.

Have you ever attended a Greek wedding? If yes, then it is sure you have noticed Bonbonnieres and Koufeta, the Greek wedding favors offered to the guests after the wedding ceremony.

Bonbonnieres are small bags, usually made of tulle or lace, always filled with odd number of Koufeta. Traditionally, Koufeta are egg shape almonds, covered with white sugar. The white of the sugar-coated almond, symbolizes purity. Its egg shape represents fertility and a blessing for the couple, to enjoy a productive life together. The hardness of the almond, represents the difficulties in life, and the sweetness of the sugar symbolizes the wish for the couple to enjoy a sweet common life. Koufeta are always offered in odd number, so that it cannot be divided, just as the newlywed couple shall remain undivided.

If you are interested in finding out more about Greek wedding customs and their symbolism, contact Olive Hearts. We will be happy to share!

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