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Are you thinking of getting married in Greece?

Greece is the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding!

Though, there are some things you must pay attention to, to have your dream wedding and avoid stressful situations.

Book early

Greece is a popular vacation destination, and extremely popular for weddings abroad. The most popular locations, especially during the summer, can be booked up to even 18 months in advance, so book early if you have discovered your own Greek paradise!

Give your guests plenty of notice ahead

As soon as you have booked the venue, send out your “save the date” cards, if you wish your friends and family to attend your overseas wedding.

There is a lot to be done if you are a guest at a wedding abroad -arrange days off work, book flights, accommodation etc.- and you must provide your guests with detailed information as soon as you have it. Especially if you plan to offer your guests accommodation, there is plenty for you to do, so the earliest you know who is actually coming, the better it is.

Leave enough time for paperwork

You have to make sure that you have plenty of time to sort out the marriage paperwork. Leave at least 6 months to get it all together and processed. Civil or religious wedding in Greece, requires among other, a certificate of no impediment which confirms there are no objections to your marriage, and a statutory declaration, used to confirm your single status. If you are Catholics and you want a religious wedding in Greece, have in mind that you can marry in certain places.

Be sure you will be officially married

Different countries have different laws about marriage and civil ceremonies. Make sure you have checked with the authorities of your country and also with the Greek authorities, so that you know exactly what their requirements are and if you meet them. Have also in mind that marriage between people of the same sex, unfortunately is not yet valid in Greece. Nonetheless even if there are regulations that prevents you of having an official wedding in Greece, you can have an oaths exchange ceremony and a wonderful honeymoon.

Visit the venue if possible

Taking money out of your budget so that you can visit the venue in advance. You'll have a feel of the place that no pictures can fully express, plus you'll get some extra tips for inspiration.

Choose the right dress

Probably the gown of your dreams is a princess ballgown, with a long tail, but is that the right dress for the soft sands of a Greek island? A Grecian-inspired gown, or a backless boho, will be great for a far-flung beachy island. So, pick the right dress, and not only will you look great, but you'll feel infinitely more comfortable!

Use local produce

Part of the fun of getting married abroad, is embracing local culture and wedding traditions. If you're planning a romantic traditional Greek celebration, serve Greek wine and traditional Greek favors like amygdalota or kaltsounia. Heading to a sandy beach? Treat your guests to a funky fish barbecue and plenty of cocktails based on ouzo, tsipouro, or other Greek spirits.

Hire a Greek wedding planner

Hiring a Greek wedding planner, might be the only expense that worth every penny at the end.There are certain jobs you just can't do yourself if you're getting married abroad. A local wedding planner, speaking the language, able to deal with local vendors, and able to be there at any time needed, is absolutely required, and provides you added peace of mind. So, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you!

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